Teapot robin nester

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The robin is justifiably one of our favourite birds, the way they follow us around the garden waiting for us to turn over worms, seeds and insects makes it the gardener’s companion. They can become so brave that they will eat from your hand. We love their song too, robins sing all year round but particularly loudly when they are holding territories.

Robins like open-fronted nesting sites and often make use of man made items such as flowerpots, boxes and kettles. So this teapot is superb.

  • Made from frost resistant hi fired ceramic with green glaze
  • Drainage holes in base of nester
  • Easy to hang using garden wire through mounting hole/handle
  • Or using screw and included rubber washer to achieve fixing
  • Comes in colourful red gift carton

A perfect gift for bird lovers, wildlife enthusiasts and a gaddet fot tea lovers. The teapot may also attract wrens and other species such as pied wagtails that prefer open fronted nest site.


Material: Hi fired ceramic        Dimensions 15 × 23 × 14 cm

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